Yelp/ Youtube reviews have become ubiquitous. Almost every business gets reviewed, some positive and some negative. While positive reviews are always welcomed, negative reviews scorn some business owners to the extent that they contact us for legal advice.

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Here’s a hypothetical situation.

Prospective client: “I want to sue them!”


Source: MSNBC, (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license)

May 23, 2020: Case update below.

Rachel Maddow has found herself in the midst of a legal battle in California for allegedly defaming a conservative news network, One America News (OAN) Network, by stating that the network, “really, literally is paid Russian propaganda.” While some have opined that Maddow has…

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Since in the US patent system, inventorship is recognized instead of the company to whom the inventor may be obligated to assign their rights, inventorship issues–especially in big companies–seem to have become commonplace. Managers (incorrectly) claiming to be inventors, rightful inventors being excluded from a patent application, adding names of…

Most people believe that they are obligated to file a utility patent when they invent a device, gadget, or even software application. While utility patents are important, inventors tend to ignore the benefits offered by design patents.

Different types of patent applications

Utility Patents

As the name suggests, anything of utility or functionality can be filed as…

Rohit Chhabra

Patent & Defamation Attorney

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