The MPEP, that is, the manual of patent examination and procedure, is a massive publication that describes US patent laws and regulations.

Needless to say, searching the manual is not easy. While the USPTO provides a searchable version, the results are not satisfactory. It is not user-friendly either! So the next option is to perform a google search. And while it works for the most part, it is not efficient and takes longer to search the manual.

The Solution

I have provided an efficient searchable version of the MPEP on my website. The search engine provides the user relevant results faster. Usage suggestions and examples are also provided to take advantage of the system.

Yes, it works!

Recently, I took the system for a test. While on call (interview) with a patent examiner, we had a disagreement on how the law should be applied. I wanted to explain to the examiner that his rationale was contrary to the laws and regulations. Using the system, with minimal effort I had the exact MPEP section number supporting my contention within a matter of seconds.

No more parsing through google or countless USPTO web pages to find the appropriate result.

The search engine is available to use at Hope you find it useful.

Patent & Defamation Attorney

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