How to Prepare for the (US) Patent Bar for Free

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A Disclaimer

Before I begin, a customary disclaimer. The following is a suggestive studying method based on my experience and may (or may not) work for everybody. While I do not condone commercial patent bar prep courses, if you do choose to use them, my suggestive studying method may be used as a supplemental method of studying or to augment/test ones knowledge/skill.

I. Presume the Patent Bar Exam is Closed-Book

Now you say, “But wait a second, it is open book!

II. How To Prepare For the Patent Bar Without Spending a Dime

Step 1: Use the website

The only resource every patent bar student should visit and bookmark is This will be your “go-to” study guide. Note: I am not affiliated with the website in any way!

Step 2: Searchable Version of the MPEP

When you encounter questions from the comments on, I suggest utilizing my free searchable MPEP available at Although I created this replication to assist patent practitioners (like myself), the search tool can be a handy tool for patent bar exam students. Read the usage suggestions and examples, and then type in the keywords from the questions encountered on the comments section of

III. Concluding Remarks

If you follow my method, you should be able to memorize most of the subject matter. Is memorizing possible? Yes. Those who have taken (or will eventually take) a bar exam would realize that memorization of 29+ subjects in a close booked exam (the California bar) is possible. I have done it, and so have countless others. By implementing similar techniques you should be able to memorize most of the subject matter presented in the MPEP. I’m sure those with financial interests in patent bar courses will disagree or make it seem as if this method is difficult, so take their (and my) advice with a grain of salt.



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