Provisional Patent: Beware of the risks In 2019

Provisional Patent?

Provisional patent applications (PPAs) are the first step in securing your invention rights. However, there is no such thing as a provisional patent. That means, you cannot assert rights by simply filing a PPA. Some like to consider a provisional application as a “temporary placeholder.” While such attribution to a PPA might not be 100% accurate, for the purposes of one's rights, considering a PPA as a temporary placeholder can help an inventor understand the limited rights offered by the PPA.

But why is it important?

Often, inventors hesitate in discussing their inventions with potential investors/partners worrying that their idea could be compromised. A PPA not only reserves your invention filing date, but can also help you secure funding for your invention without having to worry about someone else stealing your idea. By filing a PPA you are letting the world know that you are planning on asserting your rights on the invention and have taken a meaningful step towards that goal. In short, a PPA can dissuade people from stealing your idea while you pitch the idea to secure funding.

How to file a provisional patent application?

One can seek the services of reputable patent professional to draft a PPA. However, patent professionals are usually expensive. If money is a problem, one can lower their out-of-pocket costs by using our free patent application generator prior to seeking the services of a patent professional. Our free patent document generator guides you in a step-by-step manner. It assists you to flesh out all necessary details required to file a meaningful patent application. It also pre-fills all required government forms, formats the invention disclosure and drawings per applicable patent laws. For example, often inventors incorrectly presume that a 1–2 page invention disclosure is enough to file a PPA. However, such a minimal disclosure is usually not enough. Thus, a fault sense of security is often more problematic than the disclosure itself.

We encourage inventors to try our free patent application generator to lower their out-of-pocket costs. You will be amazed by the results produced by the system. No credit card/payment/ commitment needed.

Originally published at on July 20, 2019.

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